Happy Girls’ Day

Today 3Mar2021 is Girls’ Day, also known as Doll’s day or Hinamatsuri in Japan. It is celebrated annually to wish for the healthy development and happiness of the Japanese girls. It is one of the five Japanese seasonal festivals. It is traditionally marked with highly decorated hina dolls which are made from clay and permanently hardened by heat. These are dressed in kimonos according to ancient Japanese culture.

Each family celebrates this festival in their own way. But, most common tradition is gifting of hina dolls to the youngest girl in the family. Dishes like chirashi-zushi (a sushi often decorated with pink rice) with hishi mochi(a diamond shaped rice cake) for desert are eaten. Kai-awase, a shell-matching game is another custom of the festival .

Girls’ day is traditionally for families with young girls.

Happy Girls’ day, Japan.

Published by Siddhartha Dhap

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