Roman chariot discovered

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient Roman chariot, carved with male and female intimate figures in Italy. The four-wheeled chariot was found in the remains of large and luxurious country house to the north of ancient Roman town Pompeii.

Carved with cupids, nymphs and satyrs it could have been used by elites for ceremonies, chariot racing, parades or in ancient Roman wedding. Its carrying capacity was one or two people. Further, iron components of the chariot, bronze, tin decorations and wood remains were found.

It is declared as an “exceptional discovery” because it represents a unique find ever in the history of Italy. The chariot was found in a patio facing a stable where remains of the horses, one of which was still in harness were found. The patio had a robust construction from all sides. To resist looting of ancient remains by smugglers and diggers who steal whatever valuable remains they find, more excavation has been done.

Archaeologists burrowed down to depth of six metres and did their excavations carefully. It was a elegant excavation keeping in mind the fragility of the chariot. It seems that it was far away from any damage that could have happened by the collapse of wall and ceiling of the room.

The remains of the chariot were handed over to Archaeological Park of Pompeii for further restoration. It will be reconstructed and put on display. It was similar to the one found in Greece 14 years ago. Pompeii is a vast archaeological site in southern Italy’s Campania region. This place was buried under ash after eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in AD 79.

The whole credit goes to the archaeologists. Had they not found it, the chariot would have been looted and sold to black market.

Smugglers and diggers are always anxious to steal such valuable remains. We need to be careful. As we come to know anything about ancient thing, inform to the police.

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