World’s tropical forests destroyed

Humans have destroyed two-thirds of world tropical forests. According to new survey, a key natural buffer against climate change is quickly disappearing.

The loss of forests is causing climate warming, with the tropical forest vegetation representing the largest living species having carbon.

The business of felling trees and cutting, primarily for agriculture has eliminated 33% growth of the world’s tropical rainforests and 30% degraded. It has left the forests vulnerable to fire and destruction. More than half of the destruction has been in Amazon forests in South America. As more forests are destroyed, there is more possibility of climate change.

Brazilian Amazon was a land for farmers for crop production. It was boon for them. But, in 2019 Brazilian government did not take the set of actions to achieve full implementation of environmental requirements.

Amazon is the best hope for preserving remaining rain forests. Brazil has the biggest chunk of rain forests in the world. After losing the most, care must be taken of the forests.

Indonesian islands ranks the second in terms of forest destruction, with much of the forests cleared for palm oil plantations.

Central Africa ranks third, most of the destruction was found around the Congo River basin. It was due to traditional farming, commercial farming and logging.

If trees die faster, biodiversity is harder to maintain. Forests need human protection for survival of our ecosystem.

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