It’s Springtime

Just after winters its the time of spring season. It not only refers to a season but also rebirth, renewal and regrowth of flora and fauna. Trees and plants blossoms. Ice starts melting. Sun shines brighter than before. It gives more light and you can get your things done.

The birds start chirping outside your window, its an indicator of spring season.

During winter, animals migrate to south and return to north as spring approaches.

Temperature is warmer and food is plentiful. So, many animals give birth to their young ones like baby squirrels, baby bunnies, ducklings and other adorable animals.

You can walk in your garden and fields. Walking in nature makes you more relaxed. Spending time outside in spring boosts your mind.

Due to photosynthesis plants convert sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into food and releases oxygen. Plants start growing in this season thereby pulling carbon out of the atmosphere. Amount of carbon dioxide decreases in each spring.

Many fruits and vegetables are harvested in spring. Taking the fruits and vegetables in your diet is good for the body as well as soul.

Doing exercise in outdoor increases the energy levels. People who work out in fresh air have a better experience.

Exposure to sunlight produces vitamin D for body that is essential for optimal health.

Spring season gives us perfect opportunity to open windows and doors for better air after three months of winters.

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