Pine Rockland Trapdoor Spider

A new species of spider related to the tarantula has just joined the category of identified spiders.

Its name given is Pine Rockland Trapdoor Spider. Its a very rare species and has been found in Florida Everglades. It was seen last time in 1920’s.

These spider live in pine rockland habitat of southern Florida. Their homeland has been destroyed by the people gradually.

Urbanization and land clearing has wiped out such population of spider. New species like this are likely to be found in endangered species.

These mysterious spider did not match any species.

The Pine Rockland Trapdoor Spider is black in color and about to 1.5 inches across, considering its legs. It is smaller, less hairy. They live in small area and burrow in the ground, living in it for most of its life. Some female spiders can live upto more than 20 years.

Their Venoms can be used as pain relief medicine and for cancer treatment too. They don’t cause any disease to humans.

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Pine Rockland Trapdoor Spider

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