A fisherman escaped from whale’s mouth

A fisherman was closed in the mouth of humpack whale for about 30 to 40 seconds. After that, whale spit him out and he rose to the surface.

The whale tried to eat him. His some portion of the skin got discoloured. But none of his bones were broken. He was diving for lobster outside the coast of northeastern state of Massachustts.

He felt a strong push and the next thing he found something black.

He went 10 metres deep in water, the first thing that struck to his mind was attack of shark. Later, he felt it was some other creature due to lack of teeth.

When the fisherman was inside the mouth of whale he saw a light. He started moving his head side ways and he was out of the whale’s mouth.

Fisherman’s friend said that he saw a huge explosion of water when the whale came to the surface and fisherman was ejected.

Some said that it could not detect easily that something is in the way.

People should be aware of such situations. Whenever, they see a whale, good distance should be kept. Whales must be given their space.

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