Welcome to Tokyo Olympics 2020

Tokyo Olympics 2020 finally begins after a year gap. General public is deeply concerned due to increase in Covid-19 cases.

Countries consider Olympics as a party bash. Last time, it was in Pyeongchang, South Korea, 2018. It was spectacular ceremony and quite efficient in living memories of people.

Japanese are determined to be a high mark in Olympics organization. 57 years ago, Tokyo Olympics, 1964 was the country’s first coming out party. Japan became the world’s second largest economy in 1968, just four years after Tokyo Olympics.

It had earned a great name for the people of its own.

This time, Tokyo’s second Olympics has made people nervous and angry due to economic recession and alarming Covid-19 wave. According to the latest reports, approximately 4800 persons tested positive for the virus.

There is possibility that Tokyo 2020 can become a superspreader because around 88000 persons including the competitors and officials from around the world are gathering in Tokyo.

Japan has vaccinated only around 22% of its population and only 2.5% population has got both dosess. This is really quite puzzling.

“Tokyo 2020 would be a proof that humanity has defeated the Coronavirus” Japanese Prime Minister Joshua Suga said.

We cannot sit home and wait for the virus to dissappear. Economy cannot stop. World must go on.

This Olympics tends to generate revenues in various industries. No foreign spectators will be allowed into Japan. Very few will be allowed from Japan into stadiums. Hospitality and tourism industries won’t get any benefit.

The brilliant performance of atheletes can bring smile on faces of people again watching Tokyo Olympics 2020.

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