Extinct Ice Age lion cubs discovered

Extinct Ice age lion curbs have been discovered, their bodies seem to be tens of thousands of years old. According to the researchers, these are one of the best species ever found.

The observations tell that they died when they were about a month or two.

One cub is estimated to be with greyish, yellowish fur coat. Second cub is greyish to light brown fur.

Total of four Ice Age lion cubs have been discovered. They were found in river basin of Indigirka river, extreme northern region of Russia.

How they died, is not known. But, according to the researchers, there is possibility they died in their den in a mudslide.

They were larger in size than today’s African lion family.

In previos years, lots of discoveries have been done in Siberian region of Russia like wooly mammoths, wooly rhinos and foal of that time. In the year 2020, carcass of a bear was discovered in the region of north-eastern Russia.

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