Why does climate remains much the same?

We may feel sometimes that summers are too hot and winters are too cold, but throughout the year the climate is ideal for us. There are few places on earth which are not fit for the existence of human beings. In Antartica, temprature is above the freezing point and intense heat of Sahara where temprature sometimes goes upto 84 degrees celcius, people even know how to survive there.

Our neighbouring planets Mars and Venus, there is no hope of life but our planet does support life. Mars has thin layer of carbon dioxide, no oxygen and nitrogen, while Venus has thick layer of carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide is important for our survival. It traps the heat of the sun thereby keeping our climate pleasantly warm. Volcanic eruptions release lots of carbon dioxide. Some part of it gets dissolved in rain and absorbed by rocks.

Human beings and animals, inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. These processes together keep the supply of carbon dioxide intact on our earth. So, it becomes wonderful balance.

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