Tesla headquaters moved to Texas

Elon Musk is moving Tesla headquaters from Palo Alto, California to Austin, Texas.

The intention of the company is to increase the production of Tesla.

“It’s dificult for people to afford houses and they have to come from far away places.” Elon said.

It is going to take some time in Austin even after construction is completed to reach full production.

“It will take less time for the construction of the factory than to reach high volume production.” Elon said.

It took less than a year to build Tesla’s Shanghai plant and took a year to reach high-volume production.

Elon had growing dissatisfaction with California government for some time. He had arguments with them.

California imposes some of the highest personal income taxes in United States on its quite rich people, but texas has no personal income tax.

It’s not only Tesla, last year Oracle and Hewlett Packard are also moved their headquaters out of California to Texas.

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