Finally, the black car was out of danger

It was rush hour in the morning in Washington. Steven, 36, was driving his black Mercedes on Alaska Avenue road. All of sudden, a yellow truck cut it off. Steven turned the wheel hard to the right. Mercedes got skid off the road and down on the ridge of the overpass. The car had to be stopped, otherwise it would go down the road causing an accident. Steven raced it towards the edge, fortunately, its undercarriage got stuck on the cemented part of ridge. The car had come to rest. But, one slight movement made by somebody could send it down.

Steven was looking for help. Chuck watched the scene from his four wheeler repairing shop. He and his three men ran to the car. Chuck leaped on the trunk to balance the weight of the car. He told his man to bring a heavy-duty strap. Chuck’s other men stopped a heavy truck for help. The strap was brought by the man and it was tethered to the truck by Chuck. The scene was being watched by traffic jammed behind. The truck was moving ahead and pulling the car according to the instructions of the Chuck. Finally, the black car was out of danger with its all four wheels on the road. Steven sincerely, thanked Chuck and men for help.

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Published by Siddhartha Dhap

I am Writer.I have done Post Graduation from Manipal University jaipur. I like reading books and writing.

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