Baby killer whale captured millions of hearts before dying

Baby killer whale or orca was found stranded in New Zealand waters.

It was around eight feet long and believed to be five to six months old. It became flag news in New Zealand after the baby orca got separated from his group. It was given the name Toa.

The condition of Toa revealed that it did not get nourishment from his mother. Large number of people came forward and volunteered every hour of the day to care for the baby whale as it was unable to survive alone in the ocean.

Whale Rescue, an organization meant for helping and care of whales posted a post mentioning that condition of the baby orca is deteriorating.

Department of Conservation marine species, if the baby orca is in captivity and kept away from his mother, there would be more possibilities of his health deterioration.

During its last days, surrounded by love, Toa was made as comfortable as possible and set free.

Large number of public united to do whatever they could do. Searching the group of Toa and reuniting it with them so that Toa could meet its mother was the goal of those who were helping the baby orca.

Sadly, Toa had lost fight for survival. Toa had captured millions of hearts before dying.

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