Fifty thousand dollars job

“Do you remember Alex” George said to John and Daniel who were staying at his Union Place apartment, Washington DC,USA. We met him a few weeks ago.

“What happened ?” Daniel asked.

Alex is fine in fact. He has developed a well furnished boat. It is going to have maiden run next week,”George replied.

George a short heighted, slender man creased his forehead into a thoughtful frown. Alex says that he needs some workers to help in his further boat manufacturing business.

“What’s wrong then?”John asked.

He has interviewed a lot and he could not get the right persons. I went to department store last night. Then, he told me that still he did not get workers for the business.

“Are you sure that he is not imagining things?” Daniel asked.

George a well known, The New York Times Reporter had met Daniel and John’s father few years ago and soon became very good friends. When they heard Daniel and John want to come for sightseeing, George and his wife Barbara became very happy and invited the boys to stay with them. As Daniel was inquiring about Alex’s boat business, immediately a phone rang. John took the phone and handed over to George.

When George was on the phone, John flopped into a chair and asked Daniel to do the dishes. Daniel grimaced,”I thought you would forget”. Daniel went to the kitchen for the ditches.

After attending the phone, George said,”I have to leave for office. I will be back in the evening.” He took his briefcase and did not go through elevator, but ran downstairs to his garage where his Grey Porsche was parked. After taking the wheel, wore his sunglasses and left for the office.

“What could be such work that he had to leave now?” Daniel asked.

“Reporter’s life is such” replied John.

In the evening,George returned home. “Boys!I want to talk to you regarding Alex’s boat business.”

Ok!John said.

Alex phoned me when I was on the way to home. I told to him about you guys. He wants to talk to you regarding the job.

Boys agreed after listening to it.

The next morning the three left for Alex’s after taking breakfast. Alex’s house was big,on the outskirts of the city near the lake. He used to live with his mother and sister. Adjacent to his house there was a workshop where he used to manufacture boat.

They parked the Porsche behind a beautiful red car which Alex owned.

“I would like to have a same set of wheels.” Daniel said.

“So would I!”John agreed, as the boys got out.

Alex greeted George with delight at the door. George introduced both guys to him. They met his mother and sister. Then,everybody sat on sofa and Alex’s sister served the reporter and boys a freshly baked delicious apple cake.

Alex gave a brief introduction about his business and interviewed the boys. He found them suitable for his business. Both of them got job and salary offered was fifty thousand dollars each annually.

Yes!Daniel and John cried in unison. Both were very glad with smiling faces.

George phoned to Barbara and informed about their job. She congratulated both the boys for it. After seven years, Alex, Daniel and John together launched a multinational company of boats in New York.

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