This is the best day I have ever seen in my life

Maarten had worn the same clothes on every school day for the three weeks in Hancock High School in Chicago. The other students noticed that he was wearing same green shirt and blue pant everyday. Students started taunting him and he became laughing stock. His mother’s financial condition was not good to buy new clothes for him.

Two of his classmates Steven and Tom were football players. They realized they were bullying and seemed to be hurting Maarten’s spirit. Something clicked to their mind.

“We need to do something.” Steven said to Tom.

“Yes.” Tom said.

They went to their home and searched their own drawers and closets. Next day, Steven and Tom met Maarten. They asked him to come into the hall. Maarten went with them, but did not understand why he was called there.

Maaten had no smile on his face.

“This is going to make you smile.” Tom said.

They apologized for laughing at Maarten. Steven handed over a bulky bag to Maarten.

Maarten opened, inside there were cleaned shirts and shorts with a brand new pair of sports shoes. He was very shocked and very happy.

He got lot of clothes.

He sincerely thanked Steven and Tom.

“This is the best day I have ever seen in my life.” Maarten said.

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Published by Siddhartha Dhap

I am Writer.I have done Post Graduation from Manipal University jaipur. I like reading books and writing.

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