Melvin got his truck back

Melvin was a truck driver and resident of Arizona. His truck was stolen when he was out of station. He phoned to Arizona police. Police officer Ken reached to his home.

Ken found tire tracks in the lawn.

“It seems to be a huge truck.” Ken said.

Shortly, Ken’s policemen arrived. He ordered men to take the photographs of the track.

“But it won’t help much.” Ken said.

“What we actually need is description of the truck.” Ken said. “Can you tell me Melvin?”

“When I stopped at a rest area. One men came to me. He started to talk to me, suddenly other man shoved a chloroform-soaked rag in my face. They pulled a sack over my head so that I could not see. One of them started the truck. They drove for a long time, then moved along the bumpy road. From here they pulled me out of the truck and left me in the woods.

“How did you get out from that place?” Ken asked.

“I managed to loose my ties.” Melvin said while showing his bruised wrists. “Then I walked for several hours till I reached some village.”

“Can you show us on the map where did the attackers leave you?” Ken asked.

Driver nodded and indicated the general area on the map.

“I’ll send some more men there.” Ken said. “Probably, the truck stopped at a local gas station or in some restaurant.”

Some policemen went to the northern part of the area and some other to southern part as instructed by the officer.

After one hour they all met as they had planned. They did not get any information.

Then, the policemen decided to search in all the gas stations, restaurants and food markets. Again, results were disappointing.

Meanwhile, Ken was also searching in some other area. Policeman told him that they did not get any information.

So, he called them back.

Ken had gone in some small restaurant. When he just sat down, an elderly man, in leather shorts approached him. He was innkeeper too.

Ken ordered for apple cider and the man brought him a large glass.

Ken told him about the two men and truck. The innkeeper said he had not seen any one of them.

“At what day they arrived?” innkeeper asked.

“Yes, Friday or Saturday.” Ken replied.

“I didn’t see the truck, perhaps I heard it. I woke up from the noise at three o’ clock in the very early morning on Saturday. The truck had gone right to Hawley lake. I think it didn’t come back. I don’t know what it is doing up there.” innkeeper said.

“Why the truck would go to the steep little path? There isn’t any other way to return. The lake is very deep and no one likes to go there after the landslide that occured few months back.” he added.

“Can you draw and show it in a piece of paper?” Ken asked.

“Yes.” Innkeeper replied.

He brought a paper and had drawn a map giving the direction of that lake.

Ken thanked the innkeeper for the information and the map.

Ken phoned at the police station and asked some policemen to come.

After half an hour policeman arrived at the small restaurant.

Ken climbed into the police car. The car moved towards the lake. There were very dense trees. They did not get any trace of truck.

After an hour of search the truck was found covered with leaves and stems. When they arrived near to it the two thieves started running. The policemen also followed them. They were caught and arrested.

Melvin got his truck back.

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