Swiss Watch Theft

Gift Gallery, Franklin Square, New York, USA. The door flew open and girl stormed out of the gift gallery and collided head on with Jeff, who was standing right at the door.

The girl glared at Jeff, who mumbled an apology. She hurried away with her long hairs bouncing.

“How do you like that”? Jonathan said.

“I don’t know what’s bugging her” Jeff said.

Jeff and Jonathan are two brothers who live in The Capitol Apartment, New York. Jonathan is a year older than Jeff.

Jeff and Jonathan enter into the gallery shop. The shop is three-storey building and is full of clocks ranging from pocket-watch, gallery clock, executive desk clocky, grandfather clock, schoolhouse clock, anniversary clock and so on. They were stunned to see these beautiful clocks and watches on either of the sides, looking like clock world.

As the boys went upstairs for the upper floors, an impatient voice sounded from behind,”What are you doing?”

The boys whirled around and saw a tall wiry man, unruly dark hairs and metal rimmed glass. It was uncle Bob.

Bob was owner of the gallery shop.

“What was wrong with the stranger girl?” Jeff said. She almost ran me over.

“I don’t know.” Bob shrugged.

“Why don’t you come to my office chamber?” Bob said.

Bob led the boys to his office where so many screens were on the wall. On screen CCTV footage of all the three floors could be seen.

“Two Swiss watches of my shop were stolen.” Bob said.

“How come?” Jeff said.

“Yesterday, in the afternoon when no one was in chamber for two minutes two swiss watches were stolen. I have filed a complaint in the police station. Today, I am sharing with you boys. We checked on CCTV footage. It was a man with long coat. My shop boys are on alert. I repent for those two minutes.” Bob said.

“Seems to be a crazy thief” Jonathan said.

“Can you tell us specifications of those Swiss watches?” Jeff asked.

“Yes.” Bob said. Both are identical and golden watches. About two centimeters diameter approximately.

“Do you have another piece”? Jeff asked.

“Yes! I can show you.” Bob said.

“If you can give this piece, perhaps we may help you in finding the thief. If not, we will return your third piece.” Jonathan said.

Bob agreed.

After getting out of the gallery, the boys got in their blue Mercedes car. As they were examining the third piece. Jonathan noticed through the rear mirror that a lady sitting in the back car was glaring at them.

Boys left for their apartment. Jonathan took the wheel. In the midway, a car stuck like a glue. The headlights of the car irritated Jonathan.

“One more inch and it will hit our trunk.” said Jonathan.

The boys moved into the right lane to let the car pass. The driver pushed perilously close to Mercedes car.

Jonathan braked hard in order avoid driving onto the shoulder. The Mercedes started to fishtail and turned around 360 degrees.

The boys stopped the Mercedes to one of the sides and got out. The driver was out of the sight.

“Have you ever seen like this?” Jonathan asked.

“I think it was some lady in that red car.” Jeff said.

The boys checked if any thing was damaged. Luckily, everything seemed to be in order.

The boys reached home late. They parked their car in the garage. As the boys began to move upstairs, Jonathan saw a shadowy figure and called Jeff. Look over there.

The shadowy figure tiptoe away from their car. Jonathan rushed to catch and Jeff did the same.

Jeff collided with someone who was getting up. It was Jonathan. Jonathan collided with someone who was lying down. It was the shadowy figure, a short man, bald headed, in a long coat. All three had collided one after the other.

Boys handcuffed the short man and checked him. Two golden Swiss watches, mask of lady and long blonde hairs were discovered.

The boys called police and informed about the incident. The police arrived and arrested the thief.

Jonathan and Jeff handovered the two recovered golden Swiss watches and third one to Bob. Bob sincerely thanked to both of them.

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