He phoned for the rescue

Shaun, a private pilot from Houston was 3200 ft over the Amazon forests was flying a small private plane on an assignment for discovering unknown mines deep in the forests. But, the lone engine stopped working.

He had five minutes to do whatever he could. He took a deep breath and looked down the vast strech of forests beneath. Now, he had to bring down the plane.

He reported the possibility of crash to whomsoever might be listening through a radio, assuming that he was half of the distance away from the destination.

He brought the plane a little down and it was so fast as to be almost out of control.

Shaun being an seven years experienced had heard several stories about plane crashes. Plane collided with some trees and crashed to the ground. But one thing he realized, he got a happy feeling because he had survided.

He took a pocket knife, flashlight, his phone, couple of lighters and got out from the crashed plane. He phoned for the rescue at the base. He settled down. It was a long wait.

They flew over him but could not spot him. Shaun waved and shouted each time when he heard the sound of propellers. But, it did not help him.

Not seeing any hopes of being rescued near the wreckage. Shaun moved for a long trek through the rainforests of Amazon.

He switched on his phone for geolocation app, but did not get any signal. He opened his map and decided to go in the direction of river Paru about 58 miles away.

For days together, Shaun walked only in the morning to head eastwards towards the river using sun as the reference. After moving through swamps and vines in a tough period of time he stopped in the afternoon he took rest and set a campsite using palm trees and branches to protect himself from rain.

Predators generally hunt near the water, where the prey is mostly found. So, Shaun decided to sleep in hills. Spider monkeys many times surrrounded him and tried to destroy his shelter. He saw them eating bright pink fruit called breu. It became his good and main source for food. Besides this he ate some eggs of some bird.

The next morning, he kept walking east, his eyes were relaxed. He saw a tarpaulin and then a man cracking nuts besides it.

Shaun staggered into their campsite of nut collectors and fell down.

Some man came to pick him up. The man was the group leader of nut collectors and found Shaun had lost 55 pounds. He fed him and gave his shelter to Shaun.

Shaun thanked him for such hospitality and was delivered to police helicopter.

Shaun returned to his home was welcomed by his wife and daughter. Tears of hapiness could be seen on their eyes as he returned home after fifty days. Shaun told to his family, ” Had I fallen somewhere in a deserted site, I wouldn’t have survived.”

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