He was arrested by the Chicago police

Jason had taken debt from many people in Chicago but he did not return to any one of them. He is thirty years old man.

People had filed lot of complaints to the police.

Police had sent a policeman to Jason’s home.

When policeman asked questions to Jason, he defended himself. He said there is another man sitting in the backyard involved in it.

Policeman went there and while he searched for the man, Jason ran away from the house very quickly.

When he returned, he saw Jason missing and searched in the house, but found no traces of him.

Policeman returned empty handed to the police station and reported to his officer.

“Next time, don’t be so trusting.” Bryan said.

“Ok! sir.” Policeman said.

Bryan is a police officer in Chicago.

“Can you tell me about his appearance?” Bryan asked.

“Yes, his face was short and heavyset.” policeman said.

“Good.” Bryan said. “He must be staying in some hotel. Let us check all the hotels to see if he’s taken a room. I call my assistant Manny at headquaters. He can put few people on this job. It may take a quite some time.

After half an hour, Manny phoned to Bryan to inform that they had located a man who matched Jason’s description. He had checked into Hotel Island under the name Mr. A. Jason.

Bryan called one of the persons, Luke who had recently filed a complaint against Jason.

“That’s the man!” Luke cried out.

Bryan and Luke rushed to the Hotel Island. The clerk at the reception gave Jason’s room number.

“Jason just came here a few minutes before. He seems to be in a hurry.” the clerk said.

When Bryan and Luke knocked at Jason’s door and entered. They saw Jason was packing his suitcases full of currency notes.

“It seems you are planning to run far away.” Bryan declared. “Well, we would like to keep you in local prison for a while.”

Jason protested strongly and turned to Luke. “You know me! Please clear this misunderstanding.”

“What misunderstanding?” Luke asked. ” You might as well as admit that you were trying to run away with these cash to a very far place.”

Jason turned pale.

Jason mumbled something about police, but did not resist any further. He was arrested by the Chicago police.

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