What had become of those two ladies

Ellen was old schoolfellow of Russel. They had studied in Hillhead High School in Glasgow. Both of them had completed their schooling. Ellen had invited Russel to his home for a vacation in Snowshill, Gloucester.

Russel found his way to Glasgow central station and booked for Gloucester railway station which was near to Snowshill. It was five hours journey from here. He got an empty first-class carriage and established himself comfortably.

After some time, the door opened and a porter brought a number of wraps and shawls. He laid it on a corner seat. Russel thought it could be the belongings of some old women.

As the porter went away, the owner entered. It was the young lady, possessing more than ordinary beauty. She was dark and clear, her eyes were very dark and her face was pleasant.

She did not notice me and arranged her belongings. She had just sat down when another lady entered. She was a women of about fifty years of age. A look of annoyance swept across her face.

With wrinkled skin, grey eyebrows, black eyes, her face was yellowish and large.

“I have changed my mind and am going with you Amanda.” Old women said in a harsh voice.

“I see you are here, Miss Jeannette.” said the younger lady coolly.

“I did not have any intention to come at first, but your aunt said you would not take maid, so I thought it won’t be appropriate for young girls to travel along to Gloucester.” the old woman said.

“Gloucester?” Russel thought. “Will the old woman be in the carriage for five hours journey?”

The guard blew his whistle and the train started to move slowly. In a few minutes, it was out of the station. The young lady and old women did not pay any attention to me. The older women sat opposite to the younger lady and began criticizing aggressively.

“You come alone. Are you insane?” the old women said.

“No.” said the young lady. “I am fed up of having a maid all the time.”

“In spite of that, Amanda, you should have brought maid and not travel alone. However, you should have chaperon to accompany.” the old women said.

“Miss Jannette you are in a false position. You did not receive any invitation.” the younger lady said angrily.

“No, I was not given any invitation. But, your aunt has silly nature of breaking the rules of polite behaviour.” the old woman said.

The young lady did not give any reply.

The train was going rapidly and with loud roar.

Russel had no intention to listen to hoarse voice of Miss Jeannette, so he pulled down the laps of his cap over his ears.

Miss Jeannette got tired after a short time. There was relief in the chamber. Russel’s seat was quite comfortable and he did not want to get disturbed. Hours passed and it had returned to night and the wind became colder. He began to wonder about the end of his journey when the collector came to take all the tickets from the passengers. Shortly, the train arrived at the Gloucester station. He was very thankful and did not wait there any longer. He got down. A train stood at another platform which had to stop at a station, a mile away from Snowsline. The train was crowded and he was happy to get in.

What had become of those two ladies, he don’t know. He gave up the idea of thinking of them.

On arriving at station, Russel saw Ellen who gave him a hearty welcome. Ellen brought Russel to his home in his car.

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