Hidden Treasure

Yeah!David sputtered and said,”Where are we going?”

Mike grinned and said,”We are at the right place.”

David is elder to Mike.Both brothers had been invited by their uncle Ranal to Hotel Gondola in Frankfort.

Immediately,the boys heard some footsteps.

“Here you are boys.I could not figure out what you are doing here.Come in.”said Ranal.

Ranal is a government employee in telephone department in San Francisco.

“We are looking for parking our car in the lot.Since the lot was full,so I parked the car across the street.Now, it has emptied a bit.We will park in the lot now.” David said.

“Ok then! I have booked a room for you.Its next to mine.”Ranal said.

Mike’s body was squeezed and aching. The boys came to Frankfort after a long journey from Washington D.C. David and Mike climbed out of the car. Both were tired and took their suitcases to their room.

Next morning,after having the breakfast,Ranal told the chef to pack lunch for them.The three headed for vineyards behind Gondola.

“Ranal! I can’t control myself now.Can you tell why did you invite us here?”David asked.

Before that let me give you the update. Mayor Bruce has told me of treasure box.You see,nearby is Gondola museum.It has woodcuts,monuments,antiques and furniture.Before second world war there was a treasure box in that museum in a secret room.

“What kind of treasure box?”David asked.

Treasure box of medieval times.

“Then,treasure box is worth a fortune.”Mike said.

“Yes, a few million dollars.”Ranal said.

During the second world war,treasure box was put away and hidden somewhere in Frankfort by Mayor Rooney and his three men.

“And those men didn’t remember where did they hide the treasure.”Mike said.

“All four died.For years the town was searched systematically,but got no trace of it.”Ranal said.

“So,it has been found now.”David said. How come? The old mayor visited the new mayor in his dreams and told about the hiding place.

Ranal grinned.No,its not so.

Linda,daughter of Mayor Rooney,found a piece of paper in his writing in an old volume while cleaning library.In that paper,Mayor has written about that place.

“Where it is?”David asked excitedly.

It is in the wine cellar of his home.From there leads a secret room,there is treasure box.

“What is inside of it?”Mike asked.

“I don’t know.”Ranal said.

The three turned to have to the view of the vineyards.The talks of treasure box ceased abruptly.

“What a spectacular view?”Mike said.He took the camera and adjusted the viewfinder from the setting and clicked for a snapshot.

The trio enjoyed the beautiful view and headed for Mayor Rooney’s house.

The Rooney’s house was a mansion like house.Between the house and wine cellar was a wide yard.It was full of happily chattering crowd,flags flattering and band ready to perform.Festivities had just begun.

They passed through the crowd and joined a group of reporters and government officials.

The cellar room was a bit dark and cool.Mayor Bruce greeted the people of press and introduced all the honorary guests.Linda, short dark haired was holding her father’s paper in her hand.

So,Bruce began with proceedings and Linda read the paper instructions.

Everybody became silent in anticipation and their eyes turned towards Linda.

She counted the blocks and pressed the spot on the wall.The door sprang opened.She entered inside the room.It was littered with lights.

“Treasure box is here.”she said.Everybody was shocked.

A big treasure box of medieval times was in the room without any lock.She opened it and said”Got it.”Treasure box was full of gold.

Reporters interviewed Linda.”I am very glad to have discovered my father Rooney’s hidden treasure.”she said.The treasure was submitted to the government officials and Linda got a reward of one million dollars.

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