Anyhow you must find it

Dave was looking over Mark’s shoulder and said, “Our room was ransacked.”

Mark and Dave are two brothers from Houston, Texas. Mark, 23 years, is three years older than Dave.

“He ripped off everything in our room?” Mark said.” Let us see how did the visitor get in.”

The boys carefully examined cupboards, handles on the drawer and pieces of furniture.

“Nothing.” Mark sighed.

Dave went to the door. “Forced entry. There are scratches on the door. The visitor was a professional.” he said.

“We have to clean up this mess. That will tell if anything is missing.” Mark said.

Boys grumbled, began to straighten up.

They discovered a very old stone carved monk statue of ancient times was missing. The statue was purchased by them from a very renowned “The Antique Shoppe”. Its length was around two feet. Boys were staying at Hotel Indigo in Savannah,Georgia. They had gone to the market for shopping before the mess.

“Monk statue was worth much.” Dave said.

“It was burglary by the intruder.” Mark said.

Mark informed to the Hotel owner Mr.Robert. He was flabbergasted and decided to inform the police. Mark persuaded him not to tell.

“We would like to find the thief on our own.” Mark said.

“Ok.” Robert said.

“Do you know if any other rooms were broken into?” Mark asked.

“Oh! no. There is no such damage to any other rooms. It has happened for the first time. It won’t happen again.” Robert said.

“Yes, It won’t happen again.” Mark assured.” The thief was not an ordinary thief. He did theft for some reason.”

As the boys left the lobby a man at the reception waved them.

“An anonymous caller phoned me half an hour before. He did not tell his name.” Receptionist said.

“No wonder. You might have told our room number.” Mark said.

“No, he told me that he wants to meet Mr.Mark in room number 30. I told him that you are staying in room number 19. You will return by late afternoon. Why? Did I say wrong thing?” Receptionist said.

“No, You did right.” Mark said.

The boys left the lobby and came to hall.

“Everybody is talking about the monk statue. Its very strange.” Dave said.

“How did the intruder get my name?” Mark asked.

“He might have read the name on our luggage.” Dave said.

Mark changed the topic and began to talk about the market. Dave assuming that his brother did for some purpose, looked around casually. He noticed a man at the table next to theirs.

After leaving the hall, Mark said, “The man sitting to our next was listening to each and every word we were saying. When we talked about the monk statue he pricked up his ears.”

The boys went to the antique shop from where they had purchased the monk statue. Edward, a bald headed short man, the shop owner met them with a smile.

“Can you tell us about the history of the very old stone carved monk statue which we had purchased from you?” Mark asked.

“I will repeat what I was told.” Edward said.” The monk statue was hidden during the first civil war. Mayor Goldberg confided in three men and had hidden it in a secret place. It was not to be recovered untill the civil war was over. He asked his men not to reveal the secret place.”

“Do you know those people?” Mark asked.

“Yes. First was deputy mayor Patrick,second was council man Gordon and third was Bill in charge of church.”

“I am only sure about Goldberg. He was executed by Hastapo because he intended to turn the city over to U.S. in 1950.”

“How terrible,” Dave murmured.

“Gordon was supposedly killed in combat. Patrick is said to have died of natural causes. Bill is rumoured that he was drowned in Savannah river, his clothes were on the river bank, but his corpse was not found.” Edward said.

“That makes it very precious indeed.” Dave said.

“The monk statue has been stolen.We have lost it.” Mark said.

“How come?” Edward asked.

Boys narrated the whole story to him.

“Anyhow you must find it.” Edward said.

The boys thanked Edward for the history of the monk statue and left for the hotel.

On reaching, receptionist told that somebody has found some antique statue and handed over to Robert.

“What?” Boys cried in exitement.

“You can go today or Robert can bring it tommorow.” receptionist said.

Boys agreed to go. Receptionist gave the address of Robert to them.

The boys headed towards Robert’s house. They parked their car and proceeded to the giant west gate of the city. A rising path led from there to Robert’s house.

Robert welcomed the boys and led them to a very airy room furnished in heavy oak . On the wall, there were photographs of the surroundings.

“Photography is my hobby.” Robert said. All sat together.

“Somebody of my staff came just an hour ago and gave me a box containing an antique statue.”

“Ok.” Dave said.

“I will bring it here.” Robert said as he stood up.

He returned after a minute and brought a tempered box with a tag “Mark and Dave” written on it.

The boys opened it and cried in unison, “Yes!”

“Finally we got it.” Dave said.

“How did your staff man get it?” Mark asked.

“He discovered a heavy box hidden in the yard of the hotel while cleaning. May be the thief was looking for the right time to take it far away and sell it.” Robert said.

Mark and Dave were very happy to get their stone carved monk and thanked Robert.

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