I was rewarded four thousand dollars

“Brian is a student of arts in St. Mary’s University. He is a guitarist. He likes playing guitar.” Aunt Charis said to Johnny and Leonardo on phone.

Johnny and Leonardo are two brothers from Boston. Johnny is twenty five years, three years older than Leonardo. They were staying at Hotel Contessa, San Antonio in Texas. Brian is a son of Charis. Brian and Leonardo are of the same age.

Charis had come to meet them.

“Why don’t you come to our home? I will get the company of young people.” Charis added.

“We don’t want to impose on you.” Johnny said.

“No. You must come to our home, stay and then learn to play guitar.” Charis said.

The boys had come to learn guitar, agreed with Charis and ended their call.

Both the boys began to dress up. Johnny was in the middle of wearing clothes and stood in his underwear.

Immediately, somebody cried, “Help me! Help me! Help me!”

Johnny called Leonardo and rushed to the hallway. Johnny saw a man in underwear, followed by a man in trousers and four other people. He suddenly realizes that he himself was the man in underwear running towards the mirror. His brother Leonardo and many other people were behind.

All saw an old man with grey beard was lying on the floor near to the downstairs. His hat, eyeglasses and stick got separated. Meanwhile, desk clerk arrived on the scene. The boys helped him to stand. The old man stood with difficulty and had got back pain. Fortunately, his eyeglasses were not broken.

“A curly haired boy with shabby clothes collided with me. A bum!” The old man squinted through his eyeglasses.

“He was running as if the devil himself was after him.” the old man added.

Boys asked the desk clerk to call the doctor for the old man.

“Yes! sure.” the desk clerk said. He led the old man to a rest room and asked him to wait till the doctor comes. He phoned the nearby doctor to come.

When they returned,”too bad the mirror was there” Johnny said. Leonardo laughed and so did Johnny.

The boys got ready and began to vacate the room.

A couple came to thank both of them.

“Hi! sir. I am Chris and this is my wife Julie. We are from Boston. Thank you for vacating the room. This is the last room left vacant in the hotel.” Chris said.

“Mention not.” Leonardo said.

“We have come to spend our vacations. And you?” Chris added.

Leonardo answered evasively. Chris asked a few more questions, but the boys did not volunteer anything. Chris and Julie got their room.

The boys got in their Volkswagen car and began to move through the hotel gate.

They were caught in a traffic jam. It loosened up after some time. Two flyovers were crossed, two curves were followed and they were in lane that led to Charis’s home. It was three miles away from here.

The boys reached Charis’s home and were welcomed by Charis and Brian. They were led to a very well furnished room. They all sat together on sofa.

“Will you have coffee and cake?” Charis asked.

“Yes.” Johnny and Leonardo replied simultaneously.

After sometime, coffee and cake were served.

“Do you like guitar?” Brian asked after having second sip of coffee.

“Yes,we wanna be guitarists.” Johnny said.

“I had won first prize in music festival in my university. I was rewarded four thousand dollars.” Brian said.

The boys were glad to hear this.

“Both of you will need to purchase a guitar. We can go tommorow to purchase a guitar.” Brian added.

“Let me show a room for you.”

The boys were very glad to see their room.

Next morning, after having the breakfast, all three left for the market. They went to a very renowned “Rock Music Shop”.

Johnny and Leonardo purchased two 36 inches wooden guitar, ninety dollars each and returned to Charis’s home.

“It will be ten months training period.” Brian said when all sat together.

After ten months, Johnny and Leonardo became very good guitarists. They sincerely thanked Brian for training them and Charis for hospitality.

Brian, Johnny and Leonardo cheerfully decided to form their own music band by adding one singer to their group.

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