You have solved a very old mystery

“Step on the gas.” said Morgan.

Maverick was driving the car slowly and enjoying the view of either sides of the road.

Morgan and Maverick are two police officers of California State Police in Bakersfield. Both were tall and black haired.

Maverick speeded up.But less than three miles ahead, they wound up behind a truck that trundled along snail’s pace. It took a while before they could overtake the truck.

Morgan got a call from the Bakersfield police station. It was informed to them, “Reach the underground in Eucalyptus village and solve the case. It is believed that there is something wrong in that underground that took place a long time ago because of dust and cobwebs on it.” chief said.

Maverick drove the car to Eucalyptus village. He asked the location from the people and parked the car near the underground.

Both the officers got powerful flashlights from their car and they climbed down the staircase and entered the underground room. It was quite dark side inside.

“Its ghostly smell here.” Morgan said. Cobwebs were just after the entrance. Both of them cleared the cobwebs with their hands.

The beams of flashlight moved over the room to the caved in back wall.

“Let’s start over here.” Maverick said. They poked around the debris and searched rocks and crumbling stones.

“It seems the underground is vacant for many years and can’t even be detected where it goes.” Morgan said.

They got nothing in pile of rocks.They searched floors and walls. But did not get success. Both the officers decided to call another officer of the dog squad.

They got out of the underground and phoned Mitch to come with his sniffer dog.

After some time, another police car came. A short, blond haired Mitch got out from the car with a very big dog, German Shepherd and flash light in his left hand.

All three moved for the underground and switched on their flashlights. Morgan went down through the stairs followed by Maverick. Then, German Shepherd and Mitch.

The dog sniffed the floor and walls. It reached to a pile of debris, dug with its front paws.

Morgan told Maverick to bring shovel for digging. He brought it from the car.

Mitch ordered the dog to stop digging. Maverick dug into pile of stones and Morgan held the flashlight. After a while, he stopped, wipped his perspiration from his forehead.

“Nothing here.” Maverick said.

Morgan told Mitch to get it checked through dog.

Dog sniffed at the same spot again and began digging.

Everybody was surprised.

Now, Morgan took the shovel and started digging. After a few mintes of digging, something white came into sight.

“What is that?” Maverick said. It looks like a bone.

Morgan put aside the shovel. Maverick and Morgan dug with their hands. “Its not only one bone,but the whole of it.” Morgan said.

They found pelvis, thigh and then, “It is a human skeleton.” Morgan said. He immeditely phoned the chief.

After fifteen minutes, chief came with the mayor and two uniformed men. The uniformed men took the photographs and excavated the skeleton.

All came out of the underground with the human skeleton.

Next day, in the meeting chief awarded Morgan and Maverick with “Medal of Valor” each. He congratulated them and said “You have solved a very old mystery.”

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