Do you know these men?

Ken and Julian are two reporters of Daily Herald in Rockford, Illinois. They had gone to Osberg Motors to get some information for their article. It was a small company, neat and clean.

They talked to the receptionist. Receptionist told them to wait. Someone would soon come to meet them.

People were coming and going. They saw a man in white coat was looking at them curiously, but did not talk to them. After some minutes a man of the age of fifty came to them.

“What can I do for you?” the man said.

“We are reporters of Daily Herald. We are looking for information of your Formula racing car for an article in our newspaper.” Ken said.

“I am sorry, I can’t help you in that.” the man said. “We have discontinued the development three months ago.”

The boys were surprised to hear this.

“Why the development was stopped?” Julian asked.

“Internal reasons.” the man said curtly.

The boys tried for some few minutes, but did not get success. Finally, they thanked the man and left.

“We are no more wiser than before.” Julian said. The man in white coat came out the door and walked past them. Without turning his head, he said, “Meet me at Ronald’s cafe at five o’ clock.”

The boys were speechless for a moment. Julian moved ahead to chase the man in white coat. Ken pulled Julian’s back by his arm and took him to the street.

“Don’t” Ken said. “He may help us.”

Ken and Julian climbed into their car. Julian shook his head and said, “I can’t get it. He did not come to us. How does he know who we are?”

“May be he did not want to be seen with us, otherwise his job could be in trouble.” Ken said.

“Then our visit did not go in vain.” Julian said. “I am feeling hungry. Let’s go there where he told.”

Ken chuckled, “I am also feeling hungry.”

They drove their car, crossed the intersection and asked address of Ronald’s cafe from someone. They reached the spot and parked their car. Another man sitting in a black car having french beard, looking like a spaniard was staring at them.

The boys did not bother. They got inside the cafe. It was a small room and tables on each side. There was no one inside. They sat down and ordered two cheese burgers and potato salad.

After some time, people started coming in. Ken and Julian were impatiently waiting for the man in white coat.

Just after five o’ clock the man in white coat entered. He took the adjacent chair and ordered a cup of coffee. He introduced himself as Anthony and grinned, “How much it would be worth to you to talk to me?”

The boys stared at each other as they did not expect for any charges.

Ken cleared his throat and introduced, “I am Ken and he is Julian. We are reporters of Daily Herald.”

Anthony was surprised and shook his head. “Thought I would make some bucks from these rookie reporters. You are working on industrial espionage. Its more than that.” he said.

“I will not mind if Sean was indulged in it.” he added.

“What do you mean?” Julian asked.

“Two years back, South American representative Sean from Buenos Aires urged us to develop a Formula racing car that could go on average of 230 mph. He felt it was great idea. We had hired a dozen people for this. Sean’s friend Jude and me were also in the team. When we were in the final stage of prototype, it was called off.” Anthony said.

“In Spite of putting our money in the last stage, it was cancelled.” he added.

“The man in fifties was right. But, why it was aborted?” Ken asked.

“Sean got news that Max Motors is developing a prototype that could go on average of 250 mph. His OsBerg Motors could be in trouble. I think thats why he stopped.” Anthony said.

“We have recently heard that prototype of Max Motors was stolen.” Ken said.

“Its not in my knowledge. But there is one thing I know that even the man in fifties does not know.” Anthony said.

“What’s that?” Julian asked.

“Sean, Jude and another man Dakota are continuing the Formula car development. They wanted me to join them. Initially, I pretended to see what they are upto. When I denied they were ticked off. Jude is a slippery character and Dakota is not trustworthy. Dakota brought the prototype from somewhere. It seems to be stolen. Sean is satisfied. It looks fishy.” Anthony said.

“Do you know these men?” Ken asked.

“I have not seen Sean. Jude is having skinny body. Dakota is with french beard, looks he is from Spain.” Anthony said.

The boys were surprised when they heared about Dakota. He seemed to be the same man who was staring at them when they parked their car at Ronald’s cafe.

They told Anthony to be in contact with them and to inform if he comes to know anything about Dakota. Ken and Julian shook hands with Anthony, thanked and left.

They drove to Max Motors and informed to the chairman.

Chairman phoned the police and gave information of the suspect.

After few hours of the investigation, Dakota was arrested. It was confirmed that he was indulged in theft along with Sean and Jude. Next day, the news headline was “Sean and his men arrested.”

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