Bike thief was arrested

“Moon Dune beach!” Michael said to Myles. Both were brothers from California. Micheal was twenty-five, tall and dark-haired. Myles, a year yonger was blond.

They were moving along shore road to go for a swim. Several cars whizzed by.

The boys parked their car in parking slot behind bathing pavilion. Myles climbed out of the car and unstrapped his towel roll.

“Good swim will fresh us.” Myles said.

“Right.” said Michael, as they headed for bath house.

They changed into swimming costumes.

Before, Michael and Myles decided to stroll along the beach towards, a pier in the distance.

The boys walked on the end of the pier and scanned the whole view. Beyond the bathing area, a boat passed by them. It was their friend Johnny sitting on the boat.

They waved to him. Before Johnny could wave, he stumbled and fell in his boat. Then, he stood up and signalled them hurriedly, but fell again.

“Something is wrong.” Michael said.

The boys dived off from the pier and swam swiftly to save Johnny.

The boys climbed into the boat quickly.

Johnny pointed to the small forward compartment while he maneuvered and drived it closer to the pier.

The boys discovered themselves standing in an inch water.

Myles pointed a small bubbling fount and covered it with his foot.

“There is a wood sealer in the paint locker.” Johnny said.

Michael unlocked the pain locker, took wooden sealer and plugged the leak tightly.

The three baled out of the water out of the boat.

“Thank you very much for saving me and my boat.” Johnny said to the boys.

“How the water got into your boat”? Michael asked.

“My boat struck to the partially visible rock near some island. At that time, it was okay. But, as I arrived near to the pier, the boat started stumbling.” Johnny said.

He waved good bye and left for his home.

Michale and Myles did their swimming for quite some time, enjoyed and came back to the shore.

When the boys changed their clothes, the boys got a phone call from their friend Derek. He had purchased a new bike and wanted Michael and Mike to see it.

Derek was at White Point beach. It took around half an hour for the boys to arrive there.

As they reached the beach they saw a boy running towards them.

“It’s Derek.” Myles said.

“My bike.” Derek gasped. It’s just has been stolen.

“Did you see it on the way?” Derek asked.

“What was its color?” Michael asked.

“It was red.” Derek replied.

“Yes.” Myles said.

“It was going in opposite direction.” Michael said. We’ll chase it.

Michael, Myles and Derek climbed into the car. Myles took the wheel.

Several hundred yards ahead a red bike sped round a long curve on the highway. When the bike came into view again, the gap between it and the three boys had widened.

“We are gaining on him!” Derek yelled.

A huge truck suddenly pulled out of a dirt road directly ahead, blocking the way for the bike.

Somehow, the thief on the bike lost control and fell on the road.

Myles stopped the car. The boys climbed out. The thief was injured. Myles brought a rope and handcuffed him so that the thief may not escape.

Derek phoned the police. In a few minutes, police arrived and bike thief was arrested.

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