It seems a strange place

Peter and Dan were riding on their bikes on a road in Manhattan, when they noticed a car just vanished from their eyes. They became suspicious.

“There could be a little alley since our attention was straight ahead.” Peter said.

“It’s possible.” Dan agreed. “Let’s check. You go left and I will take right.”

Shortly after the curves, the boys noticed a turnoff where the red car dissappeared. It was a broad pavement leading into a small valley. Meadows were on both sides. There was a vineyard that no one seemed to have taken care of, from a very long time, more than two years. The boys found the tire tracks on the dusty road. A four wheeler had just gone from there recently and boys were pretty sure it was red car.

They turned left and saw an old mine. “DO NOT ENTER. DANGER ZONE HERE.” was written on a board just before the entrance.

Peter and Dan parked their bikes under the tree and got out.

“It seems a strange place.” Peter said.

“Yes, there’s the entrance. Let’s go.” Dan said.

The boys approached the mine entrance with flashlights they had. They noticed more tire tracks leading inside. The boys followed them carefully.

“These seem to be made from the same car coming and going several times.” Peter said.

“Yes, I think so.” Dan agreed.

They moved towards the entrance and went inside. Their jaws were dropped. There stood a red car in the hall.

They stopped their breath and listened for a while, but did not hear anything.

“Nobody seems to be here.” Peter said. “Come on.”

They turned on their flashlights and examined the car. Dan found the key in the ignition and opened the trunk with it. Peter checked the interiors of the car. He discovered old black suit, hat and black shoes. He checked the suit pockets and pulled out a pair of glasses and a phoney beard. They were surprised.

Suddenly, they felt still someone is listening to them. They turned off their flashlights and stood calm. After a minute, Dan said,” I don’t think anyone is around.”

“Let’s check this mine.” Peter said.

It was semi darkness and the boys saw a tunnel at the end of the hall.

The went into the tunnel with caution. It was dark inside so they had to use their flashlights. The tunnel was about thirty yards long. On reaching its end, the boys switched off their lights. There was sound at all.

The boys turned on their flashlights again. Now, there were in cross tunnel and they heared a rustling sound. A shadow appeared.

“Oh!” Peter was shocked for a moment.

It was a huge rat that rushed past them and disappeared. They moved further.

“We should return, otherwise we will get lost.” Dan said.

Peter nodded. And then, “Wait a minute.” he whispered.

“Some voices!” Peter said excitedly. They moved ahead and approached towards dim light. The boys switched off their flashlights. Suddenly, Peter stopped and pulled Dan by his hand. They listened them for a while.

“We must sell the red car?” the first man said.

“Yes, will drive this car to Los Angeles and sell there?” the second man said.

Peter pulled Dan by hand and gestured him to go back.

The boys came back to the mine entrance stealthily, got to their bikes and reported to the police.

The next day news headline was, “Car thieves arrested.”

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I am Writer.I have done Post Graduation from Manipal University jaipur. I like reading books and writing.

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