What happened?

Bennie’s mobile phone rang. “It’s our relative.” Bennie said.

“While you talk, I’m going to have some ice cream. I’m feeling hungry.” Bernard said.

Bennie and Bernard are two brothers. Bennie is 25 years old, two years older than Bernard. Both are from New York and had come for their outing.

He went to a cafe while Bennie disappeared. As Bernard was ordering an ice cream at the counter, a customer stood up and passed him on the way to the door. He was well dressed wearing a coat, with dark glasses.

Bernard made the payment, the clerk handed him his ice cream. Suddenly, he realizes that his back pocket of his jeans is light. He put his hand in the back pocket and found his wallet was missing.

He took the ice cream in a hurry, then suddenly jumped off his stool and rushed after the man with dark glasses.

Several passerby turned their heads as Bernard ran out of the cafe. The stranger during that time, kept walking ahead. Eventually, he caught up with him and blocked the man’s way.

“Excuse me, sir, have you got something?” Bernard asked.

The man retreated from Bernard’s pointing finger, stared at him with anger. And then, he tried to pass the boy.

He blocked his way again. Ice cream was dripping down the boy’s fingers and pedestrians began to crowd around the two. Suddenly, the owner of the cafe rushed towards them and yelled, “What’s going on here?” The boy did not pay any attention. He was too busy trying to find out about the stranger.

The cafe owner, felt bad when he found he was ignored.

Lot of noise was going on. Just then, Bennie pushed his way through the crowd after ending his call and reached there. He was surprised. The man was arguing and pulling on Bernard’s arm. The boy was trying not to get ice cream all over himself and the cafe owner.

Bennie could not help and had a big laugh. Suddenly, a police officer arrived on the scene. The man quickly turned to the police officer for assistance while Bernard looked at his brother with a despairing shrug.

“I’m in trouble. Instead of helping, you are laughing at me.” Bernard said.

“My apologies. It was funny going on.” Bennie said. “What happened?”

Bernard explained the whole situation quickly.

“I will set everything right.” the police officer said.

“Did you steal the leather wallet?” the police officer asked.

“No, I don’t have any wallet.” the man replied.

“Then, remove your coat.” the police officer said.

“I don’t have any kind of wallet.” the man said.

“I’m telling you again to remove your coat.” the police officer said.

The man removed his coat and tried to escape. The police officer caught him. He checked his coat and a new wallet was found.

“Does it belong to you?” the police officer asked to Bernard.

“Yes, its mine.” Bernard said.

He handed over the wallet to Bernard. The man was arrested. Bernard and Bennie thanked the police officer and continued their outing.

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