She thanked the police

The door opened and the woman moved out. Craig held it and Diego put the luggage into the elevator.

When they were finished, a tall muscular man came running down the stairs. He wore a hat, glassses and carried a briefcase. On seeing the boys at the elevator, he gave an angry look, mumble something and ran out.

“I wonder what happened to him.” Craig said as they took the elevator upwards.

Craig and Diego are two brothers living in Byron Apartments, had come to meet their aunt Mary in Hermitage Apartments. Both the apartments are in Chicago. Diego 23 years, is two years older than Craig.

Diego shrugged. “He was annoyed perhaps, we were in the elevator and he had to use downstairs.”

They arrived to their aunt’s and rang the doorbell, no response. Just then, they heard a moan from inside. The boys found the door locked.

“It does not seems ok.” Craig said.

“Aunt can you hear us? Diego asked.

They heard moan again.

Boys phoned the police. The police came in time, broke the lock and opened the door.

They ran inside and were shocked. In an armchair Mary was bound.

The boys ran towards her and unfastened the knots of the rope.

“Thanks.” Mary said.

“Are you ok?” the policeman asked.

“I am little bit ok.” Mary replied.

Diego brought a glass of water from the kitchen and gave to her, while Craig massaged her wrists.

After having water she said, ” He was big man, wearing glasses and just left few minutes before.”

Diego and Craig stared at each other. Immediately it struck to them, the tall stranger who looked at them angrily when they were in the elevator.

“Was he wearing hat and carrying a briefcase?” Diego asked.

Mary nodded.

“He could not have gone so far.” the policeman declared.

He phoned to the police station and informed the staff, to look for the fugitive.

“Would you like to take rest?” Diego asked Mary.

“Yes.” she said.

The boys helped her to couch and put a pillow below her head.

“I will be better in a minute.” she said with a smile.

“I had just walked in when he gripped me from behind. I tried hard to get rid of him, but he shoved a gag in my mouth.

After that he stole my jewellery from the cupboard and ran away.

Just then the doorbell rang. Two policeman arrived, dragging a man along with them. He was the same man the boys had seen running down the stairs.

“You have made a mistake. I will file a complaint against you.” the man protested loudly.

“Isn’t this man the burgular?” Diego asked Mary.

“No. I have never seen this man before.” Mary replied.

“Now, see what did I tell you?” the stranger cried.

Craig apologized to the man and explained the whole situation to him.

“Can you tell us, did you see anyone when you were getting down?” Diego asked.

The stranger thought for a moment.

“Yes, he was tall and strong. But, he was not a youngster and was wearing glasses and grey suit.” the stranger said.

“That’s the one!” Mary spoke up.

The police noted the description and thanked the stranger for his help.

“We are leaving and will catch the jewellery thief.” the policeman said.

The three policeman left for their investigation.

After few hours, the thief was arrested and next day the news headline was “Jewellery thief arrested.”

The police handed over the jewellery to Mary.

Mary was very happy. She thanked the police and both the boys.

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