You saved us from such a trap

“Listen! I just heard a noise from our driveway. It seems someone has just shut the door of our car. ” Andrew said.

The boys rushed to the back porch. “Look there!” Dunean cried.

Andrew and Dunean are two brothers. Andrew is 25, two years older than Dunean. Both are students of Penn State University and sons of investigative reporter Mr. Thomas. Both are on vacations.

A very large figure was getting into their car and another man man was already in it.

“Stop them!” Andrew said.

The boys ran across the lawn. The man jumped out and dashed to the street. Right in front of eyes they were picked by a waiting car that gone loudly. The boys chased them but to no avail. They could not be identified because they had switched off the lights and license number could not be read.

“Quite daring thieves!” Andrew commented. The boys went to the car and a short inspection revealed everything was in order.

“They had the nerve to steal the car.” Andrew remarked.

The boys entered the house.

After informing the police about attempted theft the boys went to the living room.

The boys received a call from their friend James. Dunean attended the call.

“My sky-blue car has just been stolen.” James said.

“I have informed to the police about the theft.” he added.

“Sorry to hear this, James. I hope the police would catch the thieves.” Dunean said.

Later, the boys were watching the news on the television. The news reader said, “the police has not arrested any thief yet?”

“Who was that?’ Andrew asked to Dunean.

Dunean told the theft of James car.

“He sounded upset at his farm house right away.” Dunean said.

They got into their car and pulled into the lane leading to James farmhouse. On arriving there they could see the rotating red lights of police cars.

Police officers and reporters were gathered over the entrance of the farmhouse.

After parking, the boys found James and his father Mr. Don were standing next to the officer. James’ hands were clenched. Ther two policemen stood by an empty car.

“What has happened?” Andrew asked immediately.

James face fell and pointed to the empty car.

“We’ve been accused of stealing that car!”


“Yes.” Mr.Don said very seriously. “Officers arrived here having received a phone call that we were the car thieves.”

A stout, uniformed man, Chief G.D. Huggins approached the group and greeted the boys. Mr. Don tried to recall the whereabouts of himself and his son on the day the car was stolen.

“We couldn’t have stolen the car on that day.” James added.

Another officer approached carrying a leather bag.

“Is this your bag, James?” he asked.

“Yes, but-” Jack said and stared in surprise.

“Then what was it doing inside the stolen car?” the officer demanded.

“My bag in the stolen car!” James said in disbelief. “It’s been missing from my room since yesterday.”

Chief Huggins examined the bag and said,” I am willing to trust you. But, you and your father will have to come to headquarters. We would like to check the fingerprints on the car.”

Mr. Don nodded and said,”I am afraid that you may discover my fingerprints. I got into the car and opened the glove compartment to find the owner’s identity.”

Andrew spoked to Chief Huggins for not getting James and Mr.Don arrested. The chief assured that James and his father could be released on bail until a hearing, but the figure would be very high.

Andrew and Dunean promised to visit James and his father the next day about their release.

“We’ll contact our father. He may do something for you.” Dunean told them.

The next morning Andrew and Dunean drove to Pennsylvania Police Headquaters to see the result. They had a fear that bail figure could be too high.

Over the telephone, Thomas had supported the boys’ faith in James and Mr.Don innocence and promised to arrange by phone for the balance of the bail payment.

By afternoon James and Mr. Don were released.

“We are very thankful to you and your father. You saved us from such a trap.” Mr.Don said to Andrew and Dunean.

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