These moments, I can’t explain

Henry filled an antique metal box with gold coins, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and jewellery. It was worth for at least $1 million.

Henry is a 70 years journalist from British Columbia. He took the box to the Cascade range mountains and hid it. He realeased the advertisement of treasure hunting in a local newspaper and a reward of $5 million to the seeker.

It had attracted thousands of hunters, J.Rae who collected machine parts, Sebastian a motorcyclist and a Colarado women Paula.

D. Louis, 60, a hotel manager from Washington did 60 roadtrips for searching the treasure. Gloria, 49 years old grandmother of her family had visited several times.

There were also competition and hidden conflicts. Some claimed that the treasure never existed while others claimed that it was discovered a long time ago and went unreported.

A Texas man felt guilty after he became convinced that the treasure belonged to Henry’s grandaughter. Another searcher from Florida was arrested for using iron tools to break Henry’s home believing that the treasure was hidden.

Three people died while searching. One fell from 500 feet while hiking, second had drowned while rafting in Columbia river, third had died in a car accident. It was strange twist, indicating thousands had been searching for the treasure.

Many said their lives got a new turn.

“I am comfortable in mountain climbing.” Alex said.

“I used to crouch in tent, because of fear of grizzly bears or other wild animals. Now, I am fearless.” Margaret said.

As the year was ending, so much was at stake. It was “Do or Die” condition.

It was Jeremy, an 50 years old strong build man from New Hampshire had found some wooden chest buried at the foot of a hill. He opened and discovered the treasure. He took it to the Henry’s. Henry assured that it was the right treasure and phoned it to the media. Media arrived in a short while to interview Jeremy. It was a live broadcast.

“How did you reach it?” Media person asked.

“I felt some intuition that treasure could be here. I dug and found it.” Jerermy said to the media.

“How long you have been searching?” Media person asked.

“I used to search once in every month of the year.” Jeremy said.

“So you will be getting a reward of $5 million dollars.” Media said.

“Yes.” Jeremy said.

Henry was delighted to see the seekers and gave him a reward of $5 million.

“How are you feeling?” Media person asked.

“These moments, I can’t explain.” Jeremy said.

Next day, newspaper headline was “Finally treasure seeker rewarded.”

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Published by Siddhartha Dhap

I am Writer.I have done Post Graduation from Manipal University jaipur. I like reading books and writing.

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