Soon the conversation began

Richie was invited by Steven for dinner. Both were very good friends and classmates in Westminster School, London. Richie lived in Bond Street and Steven lived in Jermyn Street.

Richie went to Steven’s home and he was heartily welcomed by him.

Steven and Richie entered the drawing room together where a number of people had gathered. Most of them were young.

“I am going to introduce Richie to everybody. Here is Richie. He is my classmate and a very good friend of mine.” Steven said.

He introduced Richie to a number of guests who were invited.

Some of young ladies were shy, others were frank. The young men were above the expected levels as compared to young ladies. Some were lisped while others were brave and strong.

As Richie was thinking about the gathering as usual, two men entered the room. They were of extraordinary type.

The first one was a young man, not more than thirty-five. He was tall, well built and had obviously enjoyed being a man of wealth. His eyes were of different colour that did not match with the colours of his hair and dark complexion. He was very confident and stood like a soldier. By instinct, he was a man of power.

His friend was much smaller and even darker than him. He did not look Englishman. With small limbs, black hairs, slender personality it gave him a restless look. He seemed to subordinate of the previous man.

Both walked up to us and smiled whereupon Steven introduced them.

Greg was the tall man and Timothy was the name of little man.

After that two ladies entered. Steven introduced them as Miss Sharlie and Mrs. Gina.

Greg’s eyes were fixed on Miss Sharlie like a magnet.

Dinner bell rang. Richie offered his arm to an unknown lady and followed to the guests in dinning room.

We were having old-fashioned English dinner. The table looked well decorated with various dishes. Talking was less because guests were stranger to each other. Miss Sharlie was sitting on my side of the table. But, Greg’s eyes were constantly looking at some one opposite to him. Everyone enjoyed the dinner.

The dinner came to an end. The ladies left for the drawing room and gentlemen were at their places waiting for the wine. Richie, Greg and Steven asked to leave to converse with the ladies being an abstainer.

The ladies greeted them with pleasure and surprise. Soon the conversation began. It lasted for an hour or so.

Richie thanked the ladies for the company and good conversation. Finally, he thanked Steven for the wonderful dinner before leaving.

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