It was a very beautiful moment

It was Saturday when a police officer went to a grocery store in Ohio to get some cold to drink. When he walked into, it was a heated drama.

Police officer was Lt. Alan. He was approached by a store security guard who asked for help.

“Here is a suspected shoplifter.” the security guard said.

It was a woman who did not have any appearance of criminal. She was very scared and her tears rolled down her cheek. The officer checked the bag of the woman. The bag contained containers of food.

“I am very hungry.” she said quietly.

She was caught red handed. Woman was found guilt, expected to be hand cuffed and taken to jail for the crime. But Alan got an idea. “I will pay for her food.” he said to the security guard.

The discussion among the three ended. Alan picked up the woman’s bag and escorted her to a cash register, where he did the payment. She was not arrested.

The woman wept in gratitude. Covering her face with handkerchief and wiped her tears away. “Thank you, thank you very much.” she said.

” It was a very beautiful moment.” said a stranger on seeing this act of compassion.

Alan was driven far by an emotion and said, “When you look at somebody in need and they are actually hungry, it is very difficult to walk away from something like this.”

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Published by Siddhartha Dhap

I am Writer.I have done Post Graduation from Manipal University jaipur. I like reading books and writing.

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