Do you really get care?

It sounds strange. Isn’t it? You are looking for a place where you feel caring. People come together to help others whether it is the time for food, laugh or any other disaster. We feel that we belong to others when they share a particular feeling even if they are strangers.

We know such kind of places because we are familiar to that place or we have lived there. It could be front entrance of your home, you are helped when you are in trouble or it could be some offical on the way to solve an issue for you. Such kind people are good.

Recall your school days, your online social media experiences, your homes or any other place where people gather with you irrespective of their backgrounds. Here you have felt togetherness. Such places make you realize that you were helped and these people want good things must happen in life. So, good people do matter.

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Published by Siddhartha Dhap

I am Writer.I have done Post Graduation from Manipal University jaipur. I like reading books and writing.

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