Life after death in Spain

Prison authorities of Spain were puzzled after a prisoner was declared dead by three doctors just hours before his autopsy.

The prisoner did not respond in his cell during a morning call. So, he was transferred to a hospital mortuary in a body bag.

A strange thing happened. Pathologists noticed some sound. It was snoring coming from the bag.

In the cell, the prisoner was found fainted, sitting in his chair. Then, he was examined by two doctors in the prison.

Seeing no signs of life, the doctors declared him dead.

After an hour, the body was inspected by forensic doctor. The doctor checked and issued a third death report.

It was later that the forensic doctors realized something was terribly wrong.

The body was kept in a cold storage to preserve and skin had been marked with scalpel guildlines for autopsy. The doctors heard some noises coming from inside the bag. They rushed to open the bag and found the inmate still alive.

The body was taken to the hospital, it took 24 hours to recover and he gained consciousnes, began to speak and said,” Can I see my wife?”

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