Happy Birthday to Wangdee Nima

Today is Wangdee Nima’s 96th birthday, famous by the name Wang Tae. Born on 2 March 1925 in Central Thai, Wang Tae’s parents were performers of traditional Thai folk genres. Since he was a child he became a specialist in Lam Tad, a style of Thai music. Wang Tae soon established his own troupe namedContinue reading “Happy Birthday to Wangdee Nima”

New currency rumour

Yesterday, at night one of friends whatsapped me nine images of the new currency.I was surprised.At the time when Coronavirus has taken India and the World in its grip,how is it possible?So,today in the news we saw it.Fake currency of Rs75 coin,Rs60 coin,Rs125 coin,Rs150 coin,Rs100 coin,Rs150 coin, Rs20 coin,Rs1 note,Rs2 note,Rs5 note,Rs5000 note,Rs1000 coin,Rs350 note,RsContinue reading “New currency rumour”