She thanked the police

The door opened and the woman moved out. Craig held it and Diego put the luggage into the elevator. When they were finished, a tall muscular man came running down the stairs. He wore a hat, glassses and carried a briefcase. On seeing the boys at the elevator, he gave an angry look, mumble somethingContinue reading “She thanked the police”

What happened?

Bennie’s mobile phone rang. “It’s our relative.” Bennie said. “While you talk, I’m going to have some ice cream. I’m feeling hungry.” Bernard said. Bennie and Bernard are two brothers. Bennie is 25 years old, two years older than Bernard. Both are from New York and had come for their outing. He went to aContinue reading “What happened?”

I think we must get him

It was morning in the month of May in Arizona. The sun was hot and it was tiled blue sky. Scorpion Bay was glistening due to bright sunlight. At 9:30 a.m., Two friends Patrick, 23 years blond haired and Antony 25 years from Georgia had boarded a transport aircraft for a parachute jump. Michael wasContinue reading “I think we must get him”

My dog was rescued

Gary had just approached a pond in Park City, Utah, he heard an unknown voice as someone is crying for help. It was the month of January on Saturday and about 5 yards away from from the frozen banks. Looking carefully, it was the cry of brownish dog that was struggling to cling to aContinue reading “My dog was rescued”

He phoned for the rescue

Shaun, a private pilot from Houston was 3200 ft over the Amazon forests was flying a small private plane on an assignment for discovering unknown mines deep in the forests. But, the lone engine stopped working. He had five minutes to do whatever he could. He took a deep breath and looked down the vastContinue reading “He phoned for the rescue”

Fifty thousand dollars job

“Do you remember Alex” George said to John and Daniel who were staying at his Union Place apartment, Washington DC,USA. We met him a few weeks ago. “What happened ?” Daniel asked. Alex is fine in fact. He has developed a well furnished boat. It is going to have maiden run next week,”George replied. GeorgeContinue reading “Fifty thousand dollars job”

Beatles belongings auction in London

Beatles personal things are now ready to set for the auction. It will be held in May. Widely known and acknowleged band performed over 275 shows in Germany between the months of August and December in 1962. The auction will comprise some never seen letters, photographs, work permits and much more that belongs to theContinue reading “Beatles belongings auction in London”

NASA’s Orion space capsule test

Orion spacecraft has been selected for Artemis space mission by NASA. The test was conducted at Virginia based Langley Research Centre’s Landing and Impact Research Facility in Hampton. It will give more perception about stage that astronauts will come across when they return to our planet after their space mission. Series of the water testsContinue reading “NASA’s Orion space capsule test”

Unworldly characteristics of Octopus

Octopus is a water creature that is hard to find. It has eight limbs and three hearts. It can change colour while sleeping. In laboratory it was observed, there are two stages of its sleep, one is quite sleeping and other is active sleeping. In quite sleep, it remains motionless and the skin is pale.Continue reading “Unworldly characteristics of Octopus”