$28 million space trip

Auction for a trip to space with Jeff Bezos went for $28 million during a live auction on Saturday. Jeff and his brother Mark would accompany the crew members onboard New Shepard launch vehicle on July 20. Winner of the auction remains unknown.

On thursday, bidding had reached to $4.8 million in the auction.

The launching will begin in desert area of western texas. Booster will detach itself from capsule. On reaching to space, the crew members in capsule will spend four minutes at an altitude more than 70 miles approximately. The crew members onboard will feel weightlessness and would enjoy beautiful view of earth.

Booster being self-directed will land few miles away from launching site.

The capsule will float back to the surface with three large parachutes. It is pilotless with capacity of six seats.

It is reusable sub orbital rocket system.

“It was my dream to travel in space ever, since I was five years old.” Jeff Bezos said.


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