We all returned safely

Colonel George had retired from U.S. Army in Washington D.C. Tom had invited him for dinner to his home. Tom is Lieutenant in U.S. Army.

George is a fine man. Everyone likes him a lot. He has a holiday home in Bavarian Alps, in a Bad Waldsee. When he wasn’t there, he would let his staff or their families to use it. He won many operations and combats successfully. He was unmarried.

George was given the time of 6 p.m. He reached on time.

Tom, his wife Maria and two daughters Anna and Emily welcomed George warmly.

“Good Evening! Sir. Congratulations for your retirement.” Tom’s family said at the doorstep.

“Thank you and good evening to all of you.” George said with a smile.

Tom led George to a well furnished dining room.

“Please have a seat.” Maria said.

Maria and her daughters went to the kitchen to bring appetizers. They served him mozzarella sticks, nachos and potatoe skins.

All sat together on sofa. Everybody was having appetizers.

“How are you going to spend your retired life?” Anna asked.

“Yes, we want to know.” Emily said.

“Ok, I have served in U.S. Army for a quite long time. Now, I would like to do Yoga in the morning, play Golf and participate in various Golf tournaments. Besides this, reading books and travelling.” George said while having mozarella sticks.

“That’s very nice.” Tom said.

George enjoyed all the appetizers.

“Sir! Can you tell us any of your combat experiences?” Maria asked.

“Yes, sure.” George said. Here it begins.

It was four years back, Kandahar, Afghanistan. We got a report that there were some terrorists hiding in a farm house.

“Come on, Go!Go!Go.” I said to my six soldiers. Me, Seargent and other soldiers were carrying M4 Carbine rifles. I had with M203 grenade launcher installed on it.

All were about to board Black Hawk chopper. There were two pilots.

“All aboard?” Pilot asked.

Engine was switched on and the rotor began to move in full swing. Chopper took off with its sliding doors opened on either of the sides.

Beautiful trees and lush green ground could be seen.

Suddenly, we were passing over the very big lake. Blue water on all sides.

A thin sheet of mist was covering the top of mountains gave a very nice view.

We were taking left turn and approached a valley having colonies, bus stops, roads with electric poles on the right side of it. No population here at all because of terrorism.

Chopper landed at the highway. We all got down and took lie down position for cover. The chopper now went back after dropping us. There were lots of trees and bushes ahead of us. I took the compass and looked for the direction we were instructed. It was north direction. We had to cover two miles from here. We crossed the nearby road and a small hill. All of us moved carefully and checked in all directions. It was clear till we reached close to two miles.

Two terrorists came running with AK-47s to attack. I shot the first one and the other was shot by one of our soldiers.

We crawled and proceeded. Near to the boundry wall of the farm house there was one more terrorist. I shot it down from eighty metres distance.

I ran to come closer to the boundry wall. One terrorist came from the corner. I shot it down. All my soldiers were following. We checked from here, there was no terrorist outside. Gate was near and was opened. We moved, took our positions at the patio and checked. It was clear. Then, we moved ahead for inside. We opened the door and checked. The ground floor was clear. As I stepped on the first step of upstairs, a heavy gunfire started from above. A bullet passed slightly touching my shoulder giving me a slight injury. We all took the cover and fired at them. Sergeant killed the terrorist who was firing at us. It took some time. We moved upstairs and took the cover at the door. On one side I was just next to the door and Sergeant on the other. Somebody from inside fired at us. Me and Sergeant gave back fire. Other soldiers were behind us in queue. Three behind me and two behind the Sergeant. There was non stop firing between us and the terrorists. This gunfire was not ending. Anyhow I managed to fire grenade inside through grenade launcher on my rifle. It was a big blast. After that, we all went inside and three terrorists were dead. We checked inside the first floor, it was clear and then moved for second floor.

The second floor was also clear. But, there were AK-47 rifles, gun magazines, grenades and a light machine gun which we had recovered. After checking all the places, we found it was all clear. We had all collected weapons from the the whole farm house.

I phoned to Kandahar base to inform the good news. After half an hour, Black Hawk came to pick us. We got in with recovered weapons. None of our soldiers died. We all returned safely and were congratulated at Kandahar base.

“We are lost. Isn’t it?” George asked.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” Everybody had a huge laugh.

“Very wonderful experience! Sir. Dinner is ready. Please come to dining table.” Maria said.

“Ok! Ok!” George said.

Pasta, Tacos, Stew, Vegetable stir-fry, baked potatoes, side salad, rice, corn on the cob and bread were the dishes served to George.

After the meal, cocktail was served.

George enjoyed the dinner. He thanked Tom and his family.

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