We have to rise above the pettiness

There are two things to achieve your dream. One is self made path of a person. In this, an individual overcomes difficulties and challenges the odds to achieve success. Almost all of us believe that this is the way to achieve absolutely, through holding it firmly. We set a target, toil and achieve what we want. One can become anything by doing anything he or she wants, by just doing hard work. Still its not all that simple.

Some people failed many times in job interview. Still they have the courage to get it. If not job, they go for startup.

Even after getting everything you want doesn’t always make you happy.

Second thing is you have determination. Whatever will be , it has to be accepted. Life goes on.

When we look back, we find no control on life. No way.

Many people are not happy with their jobs. Recent study shows 85 percent are frustated in their workplace and 15 percent are engaged to their jobs. Its not a surprise. We have become habitual of considering work as a dull work after certain period of time.

Instead of achieving our dream, when we stuck with some other disturbances as a rule. Then, people move from one occupation to the other. They try their best but it goes in vain. Jumping from one job or relationship to the other complications remained the same. Its not enough to satisfy our strong wishes.

Time on this earth means to us. We can’t go on distracting and later wonder what we have done. For true satisfaction, we have to rise above the pettiness and do what is required.

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Published by Siddhartha Dhap

I am Writer.I have done Post Graduation from Manipal University jaipur. I like reading books and writing.

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