$3 Million for Wizard

The Official Wizard of New Zealand who was appointed by the state, has been removed from his post, ending 23 years old legacy.

The Wizard is 88 and real name is Ian Brackenbury Channell. Christchurch City Council had contracted him to promote the city for the last two decades through his performance of wizardry. He was paid $16,000.

Now, he has been paid $368,000. The Wizard was born in England and had been performing in public since 1976. Public protested when the council intended to ban his official post.

Former Prime Minister, Mike Moore said that he is concerned about Ian’s Wizardry being ignored. Also suggested that the Wizard should consider his suggestion to become the Wizard of New Zealand, Antarctica and offshore areas.

During droughts, the Wizard had rain-danced in New Zealand and Australia. In the year 2009, he was awarded Queen’s Service Medal in Queen’s Birthday Honours.

The Council thanked the Wizard for his services to Christchurch over the past decades by sending him a letter and he would be a part of Christchurch’s history.

The Wizard said he would continue to make his appearance at Christchurch’s Art’s centre and chat to tourists and people. He likes children and wants politicians to be more human.

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