Duck was rescued

Kelly was walking on her way to New York, in the month of March. She planned to go for hiking. After covering two miles, she discovered a female duck near the water’s edge. Kelly, 28 who had the knowledge of about the birds that ducks can be aggressive. When she approached, it didn’t move and seemed to be injured. It struck to her mind that the bird needs medical attention.

She wanted to take the duck to rehabilitation center. It was not possible to carry a 15-pound duck. Fortunately, some strangers driving by offered her and the duck a lift to a nearby subway.

On reaching the subway, no one was perturbed. She sat on a bench with the duck. One man sitting besides her slightly noticed the duck but did not pay any attention.

She phoned the rehabilitation center. In few minutes, animal care manager arrived, picked her from the subway along with the bird. At the center, staff members found the duck might have lead poisining, due to ingesting weights used on fishing lines.

After some days, the duck was alright and back on its webbed feet. Kelly was very happy to see the duck perfectly all right.

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