Oh, I’m very glad you are home

Eric lived in a brick house in East Houston Street, New York. He was employee in telephone department. He was gentle and kind hearted man. Eric was married to Jessica, but they had no children.

One afternoon, Eric was driving for work, somehow he lost control over the steering, hit an electric pole and banged his forehead against the windshield. He was fainted and hospitalized for three days. He got injuries and also on his head. On fourth day he was ok to go to home. Earlier also Eric suffered acccidents, none of the accidents were critical.

One evening, he left his mobile phone at home and went to the store to buy some items of daily need. His leather wallet containing his identification had slipped out of his pocket on the way. Eric could not notice. He had some terrible headache and walked in some other way instead of the store. He did not return that night. Jessica was worried and phoned Eric but got no answer as it was at home.

It was late night, when Eric did not come to home, after wait of several hours. Jessica phoned the police and reported her husband missing.

After twenty four hours, the police sent out message on all-point bulletin and wrote several letters to Eric’s friends and relatives. The police even checked unidentified dead bodies. But, got no trace of him.

Detective John was handed over the task to head the investigation. He knew Eric by face. According to him, Eric was a man of honesty and openness as he used to visit the same departmental store. He was pretty sure his disappearence had nothing to do with anything wrong. According to him, its all because of amnesia. Any person whose brain has suffered such injuries can wander aimlessly away from his living place forgetting about his past.

Jessica agreed that her husband was an victim of amnesia. She was worried about Eric’s health. She had deep faith in god and knew that god will give the answer at right time.

While watching television, she missed him a lot. She often dreamed he had come home, wake up and find he was not there.

After Eric’s disapperance, she realized that she had to earn for her livelihood.

She worked at cash counter in super market.

Having faith that her husband would return. She used to keep his room and bathroom clean. She kept his clothes in wardrobe to prevent it from dust.

Eric had somehow arrived to unknown city. It was Brooklyn, after he saw the Brooklyn welcoming board.

On seeing advertisements boards of Mr. Armand, he adopted Armand as his own name. He did not seek any kind of help from anybody.

He had forgotten his past and Brooklyn was his present.

He got a job of waiter in some small restaurant and a separate room for living at rent.

One year was about to an end. One evening he was coming back from his work. He was hit by a car and he stumbled, almost fell on the pavement and was fainted. Some passers-by noticed and phoned to the police. Eric was hospitalized for medical attention. He got hurt in head. The car driver who hit him was arrested by the police.

In the next morning, when Eric got consciousness, unknowingly he spoke, “Jessica! Jessica! Jessica!”

He was astonished.

“What I am saying?”

“Where am I?”

Eric asked surprisingly.

Nurses standing near to him said,” Sir! you are in a hospital. You met an accident and you were fainted.

Meanwhile, doctor arrived.

“Armand! Are you ok?” Doctor asked.

“My name is Eric.” Eric yelled. “I wanna go home.”

“Sir! You are not in a condition to go home. When you will be ok, we will send to you to your home.” Doctor said.

“Where is your home?” Doctor asked.

“My home is in East Houston Street, New York.” Eric said confidently.

“Ok! As soon as you are ok, we will send you to your home.” Doctor said.

“Thank you! doctor.” Eric said happily.

After four days, Eric was sent to his home by the hospital.

Jessica had just returned home from Christmas Mass, where she lit candles. She was praying for Eric. It was a mild snowfall and she was in a hurry to leave for Christmas dinner at her friend’s.

Then, the doorbell rang, “Oh! who could be at such a time.”

Jessica opened the door and was surprised. Immediately, she recognized Eric. She could not speak.

Eric’s heart overflowed.

“Hello, Jessica.” he said.

“Eric.” she gasped. “I can’t believe it. Her breath came in bursts.

“Oh, I’m very glad you are home. Come in, come in.” They touched each other hands. They were wonderstruck to hug each other.

Jessica led Eric to his favourite chair. They began to talk to each other and trying to fill such a huge gap.

“We were together. We will remain together.” Eric said very happily.

After that, both of them led a happy family life.

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