Shark tooth was returned to the survivor

Nicholas had lost his leg and was in coma for 20 days after he faced a shark attack in Florida in 2013.

The shark’s tooth got stuck in his board, but according to the state rules any person is prohibited to possess parts of protected species. If any person does it, he or she can be fined heavily from $4500 to $9500 and license privileges can be in trouble.

Nicholas, now 30 years, was surfing along Palm beach, in May 2013 when a 20ft great shark struck him. It had shaken him and took away his leg off.

Some strangers brought him to the shore and he was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

His surfboard was recovered by the police and a shark tooth was found stuck in it. The police took it with them. From then he was not permitted to see the tooth.

Tim Florida’s Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development decided that the tooth should be returned to Nicholas.

Nicholas had spent lot of time in hospital bed and Tim wanted to help him.

Tim handed over the tooth to Nicholas.

Nicholas kept the shark tooth in a case as a Souvenir and used it for motivational talks about the attack.

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